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Hi There. We’re D!ne, a London-based creative App Development Company. We have created and developed a platform which helps restaurants to connect with their customers, enhance their dining experience and increase sales.


Our mission is to connect restaurants with foodies and enhance their dining experience. We let restaurants tell their story, show their creation and the passion they put into their business. We help foodies to find new venues, discover delicious dishes and make smarter decisions. Join D!ne today

What we offer

App for your customers

Our D!ne platform is available on the App Store and Play Store. Your customers can download it for free and use it before, during or after their dining experience at your restaurant

App for you to control your content

Easily manage your restaurant directly from your smartphone or your tablet. You can add, delete, replace, hide content on your own and at your pace

Customer support

We can help with the initial setup and we provide technical support and customer service. Our chat line is available to you in our website


Showcase your Menu

Make your customer hungry by showing visually striking picture of your dishes in our platform. Show photos of your dishes directly in the customer mobile phone. Let the customer know what you can offer them. Enhance their dining experience and up-sell with style  

Unlimited Menus

Add multiple menus. Hide and show only the relevant one. Set filter attributes to each dish, like vegan, so that customer can see only the relevant info  

Reward loyal customers

Retain regulars and promote repeat business. Provide a rewards scheme to your customers. Let them collect points and reward their actions with bespoken benefits. Choose how many points they need to claim a reward. Attract and nurture your most profitable customers  

Get orders seamlessly

Modernise your sales channels. Allow customers to place order directly from their mobile. Get notified fast and accept or decline with ease. Reduce waiting times and let them pay comfortably. Provide your dishes to the customer with table services or let the customer to collect from a location of your choice.  

Payment, the easy way

Allow customers to pay comfortably. Provide your dishes to the customer with table services or let the customer to collect from a location of your choice.  

Feedback in a safe environment

Continuously improve your service. Let your customers to provide feedback on their experience which are only visible to you. Put your customer at the centre of your business and use customer input to make positive changes and improve your offering  

Increase customer engagement

Connect with your customers directly from the app and communicate with them. Create stories and increase the number of followers. Easily link your social account in your home page. Send promotion and offers and strengthen your brand and reputation.  

How it works

Create an account

Select a plan and create your account. Download the D!ne app, register your account and you are good to go

Generate your menu

Create your menu directly from the app (no computer needed). Add photos, description, prices and categories. Use our setup process for mass upload data your first time

Release your restaurant

Make your restaurant visible to D!ne user in one click. Let your customer know about the D!ne app when they sit at the table and use your social media to attract them

Start getting orders

If you wish to receive orders from customers, create or connect your stripe account. Receive orders directly in the D!ne app and receive regular payout. Receiving order is an optional feature

How it Benefits your customer

Menu at fingertips

Customers can browse your menu from their own device. Navigate menu before or during the dining experience. Customers can find you via QR code or geolocation

Make better choices

One picture is worth thousand words. Customers can chose with confidence when ordering something new 

Filter dishes

Show only what is relevant to customers by letting them to filter food by dietary restriction (vegan, Vegetarian, Kosher, etc)

Get rewards

Customers collect points and get reward based on their loyalty to your business. Customers are incentivised to return

Seamlessly payment

Customers can pay with Apple Pay or Google Pay. Credit cards and debit cards are accepted as well. No need to wait for the bill

Engage more

Customers can send feedback, commendation or complaints. Customers can easily share amazing photos of food in social media. Customers can see your D!ne stories in a dedicated environment

What you will get

Listing in the D!ne platform

Your restaurant will be listed in our platform. Customer can find your restaurant using QR code or via geolocation

iOS and Android platform app

Let customer find you on their own smartphone or provide your own tablet for an immersive experience

Initial setup

Let us upload your photo and menu in one go. You just need to review and approve the content

Dedicated account manager

Connect with your dedicated account manager for your individual one-to-one support

New software release

The D!ne app is regularly updated to increase security and to add new features

Data hosting

Backed by Google and trusted by top apps, your photo and information are securely stored in the cloud on Google infrastructure

Payment facility

Enable digital payment with incredibly competitive fee. This capability is optional so you can choose to use it or not

Fraud protection

Stripe Radar is a suite of modern tools to help you fight fraud. It’s fully integrated into your payments flow and automatically protect you

"A picture is worth a thousand words"

Frederick R. Barnard


Try before you buy with our

30 days free trial

Monthly fee

  • Monthly recurring fee

  • Show menus to customer on smartphone or tablet for one restaurant  

  • Unlimited number of menus, categories and Items

  • Control your content from app

  • Reporting from app dashboard

  • Reward scheme with up to 5 rewards

  • iOS and Android

transaction fee

  • Let customers place orders directly from the application

  • Accept or decline orders 

  • Customer can pay using Apple Pay, Google Pay or credit/debit card

  • Transaction reporting

  • Transaction fee is on top of stripe fee

  • It requires Stripe account & subject to stripe acceptance

Get in touch

Do you have any question? Connect with us and we will respond to your message as soon as possible

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